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Best Non Lethal Self Defense Cape Coral

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A Selection of the Best Non Lethal Self Defense Options for You!

Luckily, damsel in distress is a thing of the past. With our collection of non lethal pepper sprays, stun guns, and surveillance equipment you can feel safe knowing that you have the tools you need to defend yourself. Your own safety should be your number one priority. Especially since you can’t always trust that others will come to your aid! Self defense usually becomes  the most important tool in your arsenal, whether you choose to be prepared for the worst is up to you. Our Cape Coral non lethal self defense collection will help you to protect yourself in a way that you’re most comfortable with. Whereas, not being prepared to fight off an attacker or burglar oftentimes spells trouble.

Why are there so many product options for the best non lethal self defense Cape Coral?

Since we know that self defense is a very personal matter, we have a variety of self defense tools to help you find what works best for you. Some people love the feel of a taser on the hip and being able to get a description of an assailant after an attack. At the same time, others may want to go with a can of mace in the purse and run away from danger completely. At the end of the day, having options is a huge benefit when your self defense personal preference is in the midst. Check out what we have to offer, and after you do, please make sure to email our Cape Coral office. We love to answer any questions you have or to give you advice as you choose your products. We are ready to get your personal safety back on track. In the meantime, don’t become a victim. Choose 911 SAFETY 4 U!

Best Non Lethal Self Defense Cape Coral taser brand
Best Non Lethal Self Defense Cape Coral taser brand
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Best Non Lethal Self Defense Cape Coral 911 SAFETY 4 U Don't Become A Victim

Best Non Lethal Self Defense Cape Coral Products


Best Non Lethal Self Defense Cape Coral

So what is the difference between all the non lethal self defense products?

Pepper Sprays

These devices are among the easiest to use. Pepper spray utilizes some of the same ingredients, Oleoresin Capsicum, and acts as an inflammatory agent- creating tearing, runny nose, coughing, an irritation to the eyes and skin and even temporary blindness.

The strength of the pepper spray available varies in intensity. Make sure that the product you buy from has a reputation for consistently testing the strength of the peppers that go into it. Good pepper spray will quickly stop an attacker and give you ample time to get to safety- as the effects can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours or more.

Stun Guns and Stun Devices

A small discreet handheld self defense device that can be easily carried in a pocket. Non-lethal, they use high voltage to disable an attacker, giving sufficient time to seek help. The high voltage and low amperes are what cause the electrical impulses in the body to be temporarily disrupted while doing no permanent harm. Some of these stun gun devices are camouflaged to give the impression of being a cell phone or pager and all run on batteries. They come in an assortment of sizes, colors and prices.

Personal Alarms

These alarms sound off to alert people there’s a problem. They create screeching noises that are much louder and more sustained than a human voice. The whole purpose is to make the attacker want to get away from you. While someone can possibly reach over and cover your mouth to get you to stop screaming, a personal alarm can be thrown making it tough for someone to get to it and shut it off quickly. These small personal protection alarms come in a variety of sizes and are inexpensive. There are laws that direct the use of certain self-defense products, and they vary from state to state. Before purchasing any type of device like the ones mentioned here you should become informed of any laws and regulations in your state.

So why go the non lethal self defense route?

  • When choosing to keep yourself, your family, your home, or your neighborhood safe, you’re probably going to need a few things. For instance, Peace of Mind, A Clear Conscious, Ability to Protect Yourself Under the Law.
  • 911 SAFETY 4 U grants you all of this and more! Now that you’re informed and ready to take control of your safety, browse our collection of products now! Or visit our Facebook now!